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Canoeing Trip

Please note that the Richtersveld Orange River section can only be done with a valid passport (passport needs to be valid for a period of 6 months from date of return) and unabridged birth certificates for children under the age of 18 to be able to cross the border.

Canoeing Prices for all trip options includes: Camp site on the first and last night at the base camp, supper on night of arrival, 3 meals per day while on the river, breakfast the morning of departure & all rafting equipment.

How To Book A Canoeing Trip

Select Your Own Dates

You choose the dates that will work best for you for your 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day Canoeing Trip.

Pending the availability for the dates you request we will be able to book you in. We require a minimum of 4 people. We also require a minimum lead time of 2 months for these trips to be booked and confirmed. If you want your group to be exclusive, you will require a minimum of 8 people out of season and 20 people in season.

For more information on trip arrangements and to find out if we have availability on your preferred dates, contact us on +27 (0) 21 975 9727 or send us an email to Our Operations Consultant will get back to you.

For More information on our deposit, payment and cancellation policies, please visit our Terms and Conditions

Upgrade your Camping

Upgrade for more comfort: Rather than sleeping the 1st and last night in your tent, upgrade to a chalet to share with en-suite & air-conditioning. This upgrade is subject to chalet availability. What better way to rest, before your long journey home.

We have a total of 22 Chalets at our base camp that can sleep a total of 55 people. Contact us on should you wish to book a canoeing trip with a Chalet upgrade for your first and last night with us.

Twin Chalet

2 x 3/4 beds

(Sleeps 2 people)

Double Chalet

1 x double Size Bed

(Sleeps 2 people)

4 Sleeper Chalet

1 x double Bed & 2 x 3/4 Beds

(Sleeps 4 people)

5 Sleeper Chalet

1 x double Bed & 3 x 3/4 Beds

(Sleeps 5 people)

Send Inquiry

These prices are valid for 2025, if you pay a deposit of R1000 per person before the 30th of November 2024.

* Adults R 1 500
* Students (u/23) R 1 250
* Children (u/18) R 1 000
* Children (u/12) R 750

* Adults R 2 125
* Students (u/23) R 2 000
* Children (u/18) R 1 875
* Children (u/12) R 1 625

* Adults R 4 250
* Students (u/23) R 4 000
* Children (u/18) R 3 750
* Children (u/12) R 3 250

* Adults R 4 500
* Students (u/23) R 4 275
* Children (u/18) R 4 000
* Children (u/12) R 3 500

* Adults R 4 750
* Students (u/23) R 4 500
* Children (u/18) R 4 275
* Children (u/12) R 3 750

* Adults R 5 000
* Students (u/23) R 4 750
* Children (u/18) R 4 500
* Children (u/12) R 4 000

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